Birthday boy…


Yesterday I turned 34.

I was very lucky as Amy really rather spoilt me. The book is one I’ve been after for a long while and I like what I see in it so far. The ‘Beware of Trains’ plaque is a bit of fun but will be in use in my office. Any also got me Michael Portillo Great British Railway Journeys season 6, whilst the last part of my present -not railway related – is tomorrow… I’ll hopefully get to post a few pictures of it tomorrow.

On our way back to Crewe today we stopped at Trident Trains. There were a few little bits (ballast, buffer stops and a length of flexi) I needed but I also finally got hold of an Oxford 4-wheel Toad. I know it has faults but, for what I paid, I couldn’t say no.


I wasn’t too bothered which model number it was as I’m toying with repainting it to match the one at Telford. I will remove the Acton markings though, regardless.


Finally for today, here is an overall shot of Little Lawley. The point is a set-track one which I think I’ll replace. I’m not sure yet. Overall, however, I’m quite happy with how things look.

What’s next? I’m not quite sure, yet.


Blank faces…


When taking the above photo I realised that Wilbert had been neglected and I had not added his couplings or his detail pack, leaving his face somewhat blank.


Ten minutes later all was well and Wilbert’s face was looking less blank and far more characterful than before. I am debating trying to get hold of a Hornby ‘spare’ face from the Thomas range to be able to place on every so often. Maybe, maybe not.


A quick simple job, but one that was enjoyable as it was lovely to do a bit of modelling again. The next project is in the background – although it’s hard to tell on the above photo – as I’ve researched a couple of pics of my MFA 391102 and it’s interesting to say the least!


But back to Wilbert. He was placed on Little Lawley and coupled up to the engineers train currently in the station… although with just the one piece of track, how it got there is anyone’s guess!

Back on track…


As alluded to last night we’re just about shipshape in chez Thompson, with the last missing link (Broadband) being installed yesterday. My new office has taken shape nicely and already has the board for Little Lawley up. I wasted little time in placing a few items on it to get a feel for what I’m looking to create.

However, modelling is still not something I have lots of time for. That said, as and when time exists I will be able to do things and that’s ok with me.

During the moving process I think I’ve decided against an inglenook and will stick with the prototypical fork arrangement. The station does have Rail in place to suggest a run-round loop is planned in the future, modelling this in-between set-up might prove to be fun.

I’m also in the midst of making a to-do list that includes buying track etc (a birthday next week will hopefully provide funds) whilst I’m also looking at what stock I can work on.


I’ve had this MFA for a long time and never really done anything with it. I quite fancy weathering it and using it as P-Way train for the heritage line. Using the George Dent weathering book as a guide (and to try a few new tricks out!) I think that it’s going to be my next project!

Just one more…


I forgot to mention I’ve been doing a bit of musing on the BRM Cake Box Challenge. Using the ubiquitous Wills Ground Level Signal Box, a Peco water tower and add in Wilbert and you could be left with something like this

It wouldn’t be a carbon copy, more a nod to, but I like the idea of adding all the finer details that the photo has. I think I’d also model it from that angle too. I’d potentially only model the box and the line to the right, with the line to the left at a push.

And, with modelling not really being an option at the moment, I can spend a bit of time planning, altering and musing!