Naming your Toad…


The new episode of iZombie.

My modelling station.

An unfinished Oxford Toad.

Custom decals from Precision Decals.

Twenty minutes.

It’s now varnished and drying in the station at Little Lawley. Just a bit of weathering to go and it’s all done.


Birthday Boy (Part II)…

So today was the last part of the birthday weekend, which meant it was a trip to Liverpool and the tour of Goodison Park, home of the mighty Everton FC.

Yes, I’m a Crewe Alexandra fan, however I have more than a little soft spot for Everton. I’ve done the ground tour previously (some 7 years ago!) but it was great to be back.

Does this blog have anything to do with modelling? Well, now you come to mention it…


A pagoda for Little Lawley…


I’ve just about finished the station building for Little Lawley. It’s nothing too glamorous as it’s just a simple pagoda building.

It’s also just a simple Wills kit, altered so I could fit the windows with a thin sliver of mount board to act as a sill. All that is needed now is some light weathering to hide one or two spots I feel need it. I’m also debating a white wash to tone the colours down a bit as neither colour is right for GWR colours, both being too bright.

So what’s the next job for Little Lawley? I’m not sure to be honest as our house move is coming up soon. It’s probably a baseboard. I’m not so good at the old woodwork but for something this small I’m debating foam board over a wooden bracing to keep it simple, even for me!

Little (Lawley) progress…

A little bit more modelling has taken place. I’ve been, on and off, painting the pagoda for the station. The Wills plastic took some cutting but it was worth it. The colours aren’t perfect as they are a little darker and I might fettle them yet. I also need to sort the window frames out but overall I’m really pleased.

All dressed up with no Peckett to go…

These popped through my door today, the lower envelope being a custom nameplate that Narrow Planet have made for me.

With my current inactive and off-work state due to this ‘charming’ (sarcasm level; high) ear infection I decided a tiny spot of modelling would be in order. A bold of black paint, left to dry and then scraped with card left me the following;

I’m – as always – very pleased with them. They’ve come up a treat. All that’s needed now is the Hornby Peckett!