Wordless Wednesday: A (very!) mixed goods…

‘Rocket’ shunting stock at the end of a long day’s work on the Telford Steam Railway.
Video by Phil McIver.


“Sorry, no trains (Part II)…”

Yesterday’s jaunt was to Trentham Gardens. Considering it’s little over half an hour away from us we are very irregular visitors.

Anyway, along one side of the lake is a miniature railway. When we were walking past it (at 10.30) it said trains start at 12. However, there was a PW ‘team’ (2 fellas) working on the sleepers by the run round loop, and one chap filling up the engine. No train journey for us then.

That said, Boathouse Station (above) is rather pretty and has some modelling potential.

Blank faces…


When taking the above photo I realised that Wilbert had been neglected and I had not added his couplings or his detail pack, leaving his face somewhat blank.


Ten minutes later all was well and Wilbert’s face was looking less blank and far more characterful than before. I am debating trying to get hold of a Hornby ‘spare’ face from the Thomas range to be able to place on every so often. Maybe, maybe not.


A quick simple job, but one that was enjoyable as it was lovely to do a bit of modelling again. The next project is in the background – although it’s hard to tell on the above photo – as I’ve researched a couple of pics of my MFA 391102 and it’s interesting to say the least!


But back to Wilbert. He was placed on Little Lawley and coupled up to the engineers train currently in the station… although with just the one piece of track, how it got there is anyone’s guess!

Welcome to Wilbert


The TSR (Thompson Steam Railway) at Little Lawley – not to be confused with the TSR (Telford Steam Railway) at Lawley Village have today taken possession of a rather well-known new steam engine.

The 38th book of the Railway Series by Rev W Awdry – and latterly his son Christopher – was about an Austerity locomotive, Wilbert, which was based on the Dean Forest Railway. It was a special request from the Railway after they had named that very loco Wilbert after the Railway Series’ creator in 1987.

Wilbert has become quite a celebrity and this has led to the Dean Forest Railway commissioning 200 of these locos from DJ Models.

Mine arrived today.


First impressions are excellent. The box is great with wonderful foam inserts that fit perfectly. The loco is beautifully finished (particularly noteworthy is the crisp printing on the nameplate), with a few extra details to add. Operational staff at the TSR are said to be extremely impressed.

Sadly Wilbert is currently unable to steam as the fictional TSR have yet to lay any track in order for him to stretch his wheels but all staff are looking forward to seeing Wilbert in action.

The Foxfield Light Railway

Yesterday Amy and myself drove over to Caverswall, Stoke-on-Trent, to take a trip on the Foxfield Light Railway.

Although the journey is just a five mile round trip it goes through some lovely Staffordshire countryside, leaving Caverswall Road and winding its way through the moors to Dilhorne Park. Here the loco runs around before heading back to Caverswall.

The railway doesn’t stop at Dilhorne, however. There is a long right bend that leads down to Foxfield Colliery, the original point of the railway. There is quite an embankment down to this and the sight of the engines working hard (look up the Foxfield Flickr group) is quite something.

All in all, it was an enjoyable morning out. At just £8 it easily justifies the fayre and I would recommend it to anyone, particularly those with young families.