The case for the defence.

I have no idea how this happened…

That, of course, is a lie. There was a Black Friday sale. I saw it advertised. I clicked to ‘have a look.’ There it was. Somehow it ended up in my basket and it’s now on my modelling desk.Whoops.


Maybe it’s not quite so whoops. It’s retailing for around the £53 mark. In this sale I got it for £35. It would have been rude not to. Plus, I’d been eyeing up the Model Rail Sentinel – all £70 of it – so this was half that price and is a stunning little loco that I’ve wanted since seeing it announced.

Oh, I’ve also got a layout plan in mind for it to run on.

Am I convincing you yet?

It need’s debranding. I’ve got no plans to make anything M.S.C related, but I like the blue and the yellow lining so I’ll keep that but lose the writing. Then I’ll added the ‘Clara’ nameplates I have stored away and give a really filthy weathering job.

Convinced? Yes. Good,

Case closed.