New reading…

This landed on my doorstep early this week. Having spent a chunk of my formative years in and around Staffordshire (playing cricket for Betley and representing the Audley Brass Band) the book leapt our at me. Ok, it doesn’t really talk about the Audley area but it’s still interesting, and as for that photo on the first page. Rickety track, rickety wagons. Perfect.




There’s not been huge progress on Little Lawley recently. That said, I do have a few reasons why (your honour). Firstly there’s work and secondly there’s university work. There’s also band-related things that need doing, as well as house work. Oh, and I want to make time for Amy too.

There’s also been Train Sim. I downloaded a copy of it some time ago for a ridiculously cheap £2.99 a while back and quickly added the Corris system download. I’ve also recently added the Somerset and Dorset line as well as A1 Tornado.

It’s great fun and really quite addictive. Space dictates I can’t have an enormous model railway, but I don’t really need one when I can head down to Shepton Mallet on a Black 5 one day or ride behind Corris no. 7 the next. Great fun.

All I need now is to find a route for the Telford Steam Railway!

“Sorry, no trains (Part II)…”

Yesterday’s jaunt was to Trentham Gardens. Considering it’s little over half an hour away from us we are very irregular visitors.

Anyway, along one side of the lake is a miniature railway. When we were walking past it (at 10.30) it said trains start at 12. However, there was a PW ‘team’ (2 fellas) working on the sleepers by the run round loop, and one chap filling up the engine. No train journey for us then.

That said, Boathouse Station (above) is rather pretty and has some modelling potential.