Wordless Wednesday: cake-box inspiration…


0 gauge. Maybe, just maybe…


Brown Toad…


Today, in an effort to do some actual modelling, has seen me paint my Toad. Formerly an Acton, GWR grey, it is now bauxite, in keeping with the TSR’s version.

I’ve used Humbrol acrylic (no 70) and brush painted. It’s taken well and the few areas where the coverage isn’t perfect don’t overly matter as some weathering will take care of them.

I do want to add the Wellington R. U. letters and any other relevant signs as well – they’ll have to be a custom job I think.


Finally, here’s a quick shot just to check how things look overall on Little Lawley. Quite happy if I’m honest, but as Mr Portillo will have quite a climb to get on any carriage currently, I’m thinking the platform should be my next job.



The humble Peco buffer stop. I’d been toying with some fancier versions but decided I could do some proper modelling using these as the starting point. A few cuts here and there, followed by a whisp of primer and I had the above.


Next up, using the photo in an old Heritage Railway magazine for reference, came the painting. Burnt umber, red, black and an off white did the trick. I want to weather lightly, then varnish them using matt varnish, just to stop the paint flaking.


Finally, a test fit. Excuse the poor light (iPhone camera in hazy artificial light) but overall I’m pretty pleased with how they’ve turned out.

Next, track laying and ballast!

“Hatley, Hatley, Hatley…”


Sorry, I mean “Arley, Arley, Arley.”

I’ve not posted about Arley for ages. That doesn’t mean the project is forgotten. It’s still there, simmering. It is, however, currently dormant. As posted originally, it is my extremely long term project and requires more space than I currently have.

All that said, I’m still collecting research photos and have got a new books etc. The two lineside huts are still stored too. I have, however, sold the Hall. I concluded there was no point it being sat in a box gathering dust when I could use the funds on Little Lawley.

Project Arley isn’t a goner, it’s just, at this moment in time – and for the foreseeable future – in quite a deep slumber!

Hitting the buffers…


Whilst researching the Telford Steam Railway and the Lawley Village extension I found the news archive part of the site. There are lots of articles about the building of the extension which have already been very useful.

My current project is the two buffer stops. I’ve started work on them (cutting them where required and priming them – a blog post will appear when they are done) and was looking to confirm the details of them. This post, (click to follow the link) has shown plenty of details I’ll want to include, not least the landscaping, which will need to be slightly risen on both sides. Even the photo I’ve featured above shows a detail – the kick board at the bottom of the fencing, in case you’re wondering – I’d not noticed previously.

Plenty to do, then.