“Sorry, no trains…”

Yesterday we had a day out at the seaside, Porthmadog.

Didn’t see a single train! Apart from an Arriva leaving Llandanwg… which doesn’t really count.

Good day out though.


And now…


There is a high likelihood that this will be last post for a couple of weeks. With the move taking place this weekend we will have no Broadband (first world problems or what?!) for until early February.

So far this week – which I was dreading slightly – has gone okay with the only fly in the ointment being that my car will take a bit longer to put right. I should be able to pick it up on (you’ve guessed it!) Friday, otherwise known as moving day.

The university assignment was handed in, hopefully without problem, and today we were given our next one to start looking at. With no internet for a while I’ve spent my afternoon downloading suitable reading to keep me occupied and help me on my way with my next task; looking at the introduction of Singapore Math in the UK, if anyone’s interested.

Where does this leave modelling? Sadly it’s pretty much bottom of the list. And here’s the irony; because I’ve got no time and no resources (everything being packed away) to do it, I’ve got lots of mojo to model. Typical. The book above has arrived and I’ve had a flick through it. Again, it looks good but potentially not in the same league as the George Dent one. There’s less actual modelling in it than I thought as the book leans more towards prototype discussion. That said, I’m looking forward to diving in properly when time allows. I’m also hopeful that the domestic authority will deliver another Crowood book (Narrow Gauge in Small Spaces) for my forthcoming birthday. Not that I’m planning anything Narrow Gauge, I just find Chris Ford’s modelling very inspirational.

With modelling time being limited I’ve had to content myself with working out a few little projects to tackle when time allows. If I do decide on the Inglenook – I’m currently leaning back towards the prototypical fork arrangement – for Little Lawley then I’ll need more rolling stock. The Bachmann insulated blue van appeals (no reason why) and I’d want to weather it using some tips from Mr Dent’s book. I also want to revisit the Oxford 7-plank wagon and re-weather it using the same book, whilst I’d like to get hold of an Oxford 4-wheel Toad and see what I can do with them.

So, lots I’d like to do. Sadly, at the moment, there really aren’t enough hours in the day.

Wordless Wednesday? It’s been wordless for a while…


Apologies for the lack of blogging recently. The photo above is a reasonable summary of why this is so. A university deadline is a culprit, as is the impending house move. Put simply, any time not in work is currently spent either typing or packing.

It’s not the most exciting mix.

However, next week is D-Day in many ways, take a look at this;

Monday – uni assignment due
Tuesday – standard day; work and band
Wednesday – car in garage and university
Thursday – school sports tournament
Friday – house move

Currently it looks a bit tasty…