Salute to the Cory

On 20th November 2016 the Cory Band and their Musical Director, Philip Harper, won the final trophy in their quite astonishing ‘Grand Slam.’

Up to that point 2016 had seen them win:

  • The European Brass Band Championships
  • British Open Brass Band Championships and
  • The National Brass Band Championship Final
At the Sage, Gateshead, they completed the full house when they won the Brass In Concert Entertainment competition. An astonishing achievement.
With all that in mind, I felt it prudent to post the link to the BBC Listen to the Band radio programme that has their full programme. It’s well worth a listen as it’s going to be a long time before we see/hear a brass band as good as the 2016 Cory Band.
You can listen to their winning performance ‘The Extraordinary Life of Roald Dahl’ by clicking here.