Whats on my iPod 2?

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about music and what I’m listening to. Last time, I was listening to the fabulous YBS Band under the baton of David King. Fast forward to October and I’m still listening to a band directed by David King, just this time it’s the world famous Brighouse & Rastrick Band and their 2014 ‘in concert’ CD, titled Vita Destructa.
Professor King rarely follows the traditional concert pattern when it comes to programming; march, overture, solo etc. He works his own order out and to me this makes for a far more interesting listening experience. The CD opens with the ten minute Latin fantasy ‘El Carmino Real’ which is full of the fire you’d expect of a latin number but for me it is the second track, ‘In Love For Me’ which is the highlight of the CD. It is beautifully treated, both by band and MD who draw all the emotion out of the music. 
All the soloists are on excellent form – I particularly enjoyed Ryan Watkins’ performance of ‘Radio City’ – and the rest of the programme is performed with aplomb and a slight swagger. The final track, Vita Destructa, is a real tour de force by 17 year old Todd Smith. His handling of the hymn ‘Abide With Me’ is interwoven maturely with other melodic ideas to bring the CD to a thrilling close.
What else can I say but what an excellent CD this is.