“Sorry, no trains…”

Yesterday we had a day out at the seaside, Porthmadog.

Didn’t see a single train! Apart from an Arriva leaving Llandanwg… which doesn’t really count.

Good day out though.


“Hatley, Hatley, Hatley…”


Sorry, I mean “Arley, Arley, Arley.”

I’ve not posted about Arley for ages. That doesn’t mean the project is forgotten. It’s still there, simmering. It is, however, currently dormant. As posted originally, it is my extremely long term project and requires more space than I currently have.

All that said, I’m still collecting research photos and have got a new books etc. The two lineside huts are still stored too. I have, however, sold the Hall. I concluded there was no point it being sat in a box gathering dust when I could use the funds on Little Lawley.

Project Arley isn’t a goner, it’s just, at this moment in time – and for the foreseeable future – in quite a deep slumber!

Hitting the buffers…


Whilst researching the Telford Steam Railway and the Lawley Village extension I found the news archive part of the site. There are lots of articles about the building of the extension which have already been very useful.

My current project is the two buffer stops. I’ve started work on them (cutting them where required and priming them – a blog post will appear when they are done) and was looking to confirm the details of them. This post, (click to follow the link) has shown plenty of details I’ll want to include, not least the landscaping, which will need to be slightly risen on both sides. Even the photo I’ve featured above shows a detail – the kick board at the bottom of the fencing, in case you’re wondering – I’d not noticed previously.

Plenty to do, then.

Now you see me…



A quick modelling project saw me tackle the Foden’s lorry and the GWR Toad with nail varnish remover. I wanted to lose the markings (Pickfords and Acton, respectively). Two minutes per item and all was done.

The Toad will be in use on Little Lawley. The Foden lorry was intended for it but I don’t see space for it. I have a hankering to try something new and I’m considering a (very) small 009 layout which the lorry would work well on.

We’ll see.

Hopping mad…


The left hand insulfrog (apologies for the tenuous link to this posts photo but Superfrog was a little trip down memory lane for me) point I ordered arrived on Thursday (amazing service by Track Shack, incidentally, as it was ordered on Wednesday afternoon). I wasted no time cutting the track and clipping everything together.

I plugged the controller in, placed Wilbert in the ‘tunnel’ and out he came, cab-first, chuffing gallantly and proudly towards the point, which was set to go on the siding. He tackled the point blade with ease and then…

Stutter. Stall.

A quick prod got him going again. This time, going forwards, the point was no problem at all. So I tried him in reverse again.

Frog. Stutter. Stall. Curse.

Having looked around it seems the issue is Wilbert’s 6 wheel arrangement with short wheel base locks being an issue over insulfrog points.

Can I solve this in any way?

On a micro I think track laying and running needs to be perfect. I’ve relaid the point and track to make it as flat as possible. That seemed to cure the issue going into the siding but left the main line a bit stuttery.

Wiring is not my bag, the thoughts of soldering extra picks ups or extra feeds under the point bring me out in a cold sweat!

Any help would be gratefully received.

Birthday Boy (Part II)…

So today was the last part of the birthday weekend, which meant it was a trip to Liverpool and the tour of Goodison Park, home of the mighty Everton FC.

Yes, I’m a Crewe Alexandra fan, however I have more than a little soft spot for Everton. I’ve done the ground tour previously (some 7 years ago!) but it was great to be back.

Does this blog have anything to do with modelling? Well, now you come to mention it…