About Me

The title’s a giveaway really, I’m Chris. I’m 32 and have recently made the move from Cheshire to Shropshire. I live with my lovely other half, Amy and two rather bizarre – but extremely lovable – cats, Smudge and Gizmo.

I work in education, having done so for ten years and have – as a result of the move – changed jobs this summer. Previously, I worked on the railway as a train planner for Freightliner Heavy Haul – a job that is exactly what it says on the tin, someone who plans trains. I enjoyed it, but felt education was my real calling and that the railway was more of an interest. I made the move and haven’t looked back.

What makes me tick? Well, a mixture of things; music (particularly brass bands and composing), sport (cricket and football especially), Amy, days out, tea and cake, the railways. That’s pretty much a good summation of what you can expect to see on this blog. When I’m talking football I’ll be talking Crewe Alexandra (thank you, your sympathy is much appreciated) and talking Derbyshire when I mention cricket. When music crops up brass bands are never far away – I played to a very high level when I was younger and now conduct the Lions Beginner Band, the starting point of the successful and nationally renowned Lions Youth Brass. I listen to lots of music too, so you can expect a few CD reviews on here as well.

In a nut shell, that’s pretty much it. I’ll blog when I can and when I’ve got something to say. It might not always be very interesting, but I’ll give it a go!