OOSevern: Project Arley


So, here it is. My new project. Arley Station, in Worcestershire, on the Severn Valley Railway.

For the first time I’ve decided to go for a real location, for several reasons really. Firstly, I prefer to watch trains go by. I’m not a massive operator, I enjoy running trains and relaxing as they run by, stopping them in the station whilst a bit of yard work goes on nearby. In addition, my own planned layouts run out of steam (sorry!) when I realise I have to make up what’s there. I lack the imagination to do so, trying to squeeze too much, unprototypical detail in. Finally, as this is a long term project, the fact that I enjoy tinkering with stock and buildings means I can take my time on these aspects before things are in place regarding the actual layout build.

Plans are not exactly finalised yet. The dream is that the layout is a roundy-roundy, housed in a shed. However, a number of factors would need to alter before this could happen (buying of a house, initially) and potentially a shelf layout might take it’s place instead. This isn’t a major consideration currently though, as the aim is, initially, to get started on the buildings. There is no mad rush to finish the buildings and I’d like to scratch build (or kit bash) as many as possible. There are lots of aims with this build, and one of the main ones is that I want to take my time with the build, not rush things, and ensure that I get it right.


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