I know what I said, but…

Today has unexpectedly thrown a bit of spare time my way. Therefore I thought I’d update on a little bit of progress. 

The past week saw me add another Oxford 7 plank wagon to my stable. Sadly, I messed up and ordered the wagon I already had, rather than a different running number. Never mind, this can be fixed. The posed shot above (on my unfinished fiddle stick) shows the new by the weathered… and reminds me I’ve still done nothing to the underframe on the right hand side wagon. 

Secondly, my embryonic layout has a name; Pipe Gate Sidings. Why? I don’t really know. It’s a place I sometimes pass through and I thought with the addition of ‘sidings’ it fit together quite nicely. Scenic details are still to be decided, however I’m planning on a building front right to hide the exit to fiddle. I’ve found an old, unmade coal staithes kit which might find a place too. 

All in all, plenty to be getting on with. To be continued…


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