Another year gone

Photo Copyright Graham Shaw

Tonight sees the last concert of the academic year for my wonderful band, the Lions Beginners. It’s the annual Macclesfield Lions Concert which takes place at the splendid Kings School in the town. 

Looking back over the past year I think it’s been one of solid progress. Ok, it’s not been the rapid progress of recent years – and we’ve not added any prizes to the cabinet unlike the previous three years – but, when I look at the band that started the year and compare it to the one that finished, I can’t help but be pleased with what the band are doing. 

We started the year off with a young bunch and that bunch – due to player progression to the Juniors – got younger. This is not a bad thing. It’s a good thing. Progression is the name of the game for our organisation after all. Yet it does make it hard to get the band to (and keep them at) my preferred standard. That’s the challenge though, and that’s why I love what I do. 

Looking ahead I feel the next year might offer than Band the chance to do something a little different and break out of its annual routine. I have plans in my head – which I hope come to fuitition – to offer the players new experiences to those they’ve currently had. There is new music to be rehearsed and, hopefully, new players to embed in the band, safeguarding the future of our fantastic organisation. 

Yes, the past 12 months have been tough at times, but the good times, they are a-coming!

Bring on 2017-18!

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