A(nother) day out at Ironbridge

We’re lucky enough to live around half an hour away from this rather lovely place. Yesterday we headed back for another day out there and, after a good fudge cake at Truffles, turned left from the station car park and followed the old railway line for a mile or so to Jackfield. 

Plenty of hints and nods to the paths former use as the Coalport line on the way as well. After Jackfield – one of the pictures shows either the remains of a station platform or a loading dock – there was just two stops before Bridgnorth and the start of the wonderful SVR route. 

All in all, another good day out and an interesting walk. Then it was home to listen to England’s disappointing start to the Women’s Cricket World Cup before another short afternoon walk that saw us take in half an hours play at Newport Cricket Club. 

Added to the fact that on our walk we found the band room of the Jackfield Brass Band (3rd picture above) I had a rather good day that combined all of my major interests; railways, cricket and music. 

Oh… and I finished the day off with a beer or two. 


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