The hills are alive…

… with the sound of musicals. 

Or, rather, Manchester’s Bridgwater Hall was last night as Amy and myself made the journey (and what a horrendous journey it was) to take in a show full of toe-tappers from shows across the ages.

Featuring four fabulous singers, Oliver Tompsett, Hannah Waddingham, Tim Howar and Louise Dearman the music took you from the witches of Wicked to the streets of Les Mis, via the Lion King and a quick call in at 42nd Street. 

I couldn’t really pick a favourite singer as each had their own stand-out moments; Tompsett’s Oh What A Beautiful Morning was wonderful in its simplicity and the ease of performance whilst Waddingham set herself up brilliantly in Spamalo’s hilarious Diva Song. Gethsemane – performed by Hower – gave me goosebumps but perhaps my favourite moment of the night was Dearman’s version of Popular from Wicked. Cheeky, charming, witty; it had everything. 

What a wonderful evening spent with four extremely talented singers. I lost count of the times I was sat there and then suddenly realising I had a smile on my face. Simply brilliant. 


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