All aboard the TSR

Today Amy and myself went back to Spring Village to take a trip on the Telford Steam Railway. 

The rainy weather didn’t deter from the enjoyment that this small, but friendly, preservation railway offers. 

Below are a selection of pictures from the trip. 


Out with the old…

Recently I decided to end my subscription with Model Rail. I’ve been a reasonably long-term subscriber but had found that recent editions – with the odd exception – had left me quite cold with lots of articles that were of no interest. 

I left it for a while, trying out Railway Modeller via an app but didn’t enjoy reading on a phone or tablet so ended that. Then it hit me. Where best to get inspired? The real thing of course. 

I’d bought the odd edition of Heritage Railway in the past and always enjoyed it, so when a 3 for £5 welcome offer was spotted I went for it. 

Wonder if it will help me finalise some plans!


The 009 wagon kit has, so far, been a delight- if fiddly at times – to build. I’ve not yet decided which couplings to fit (if any) or attached the brake lever. This will be done after painting. 

Here’s some pics of progress so far. A few bits to clean up but generally I’m very pleased with it.

So far so good!

A change is as good as a rest


(c) Corris Railway

Recently I’ve become quite enchanted with the Corris Railway. During our break to Porthmadog back in February I browsed a book ‘A Corris Celebration.’ Since then I’ve looked into the railway a lot more and found it all rather lovely, particularly the station area where the train squeezes in between the wall and the station.

Therefore I’ve ordered one of these…


It’s just a dip of the toe into the water initially. I’m aware that 009 locos – or more accurately the chassis – are not exactly cheap. With the 00 Gauge Hornby Peckett on order, perhaps there is room for a micro that has the charm of the Corris railway, but in 00.

However, for now I fancy a go at something a little different.

The hills are alive…

… with the sound of musicals. 

Or, rather, Manchester’s Bridgwater Hall was last night as Amy and myself made the journey (and what a horrendous journey it was) to take in a show full of toe-tappers from shows across the ages.

Featuring four fabulous singers, Oliver Tompsett, Hannah Waddingham, Tim Howar and Louise Dearman the music took you from the witches of Wicked to the streets of Les Mis, via the Lion King and a quick call in at 42nd Street. 

I couldn’t really pick a favourite singer as each had their own stand-out moments; Tompsett’s Oh What A Beautiful Morning was wonderful in its simplicity and the ease of performance whilst Waddingham set herself up brilliantly in Spamalo’s hilarious Diva Song. Gethsemane – performed by Hower – gave me goosebumps but perhaps my favourite moment of the night was Dearman’s version of Popular from Wicked. Cheeky, charming, witty; it had everything. 

What a wonderful evening spent with four extremely talented singers. I lost count of the times I was sat there and then suddenly realising I had a smile on my face. Simply brilliant. 

Salute to Youth


The County Championship season is once again underway and although hopes for my club – Derbyshire – were high of an improvement on last year’s wooden spoon, results so far have not been so; 2 games, 2 defeats.

In fairness, the first game was a narrow defeat in a set-up match, whilst the second saw them defeated by what I would expect to be one of the teams right up there at the end of the season.

All in all, I’m not overly disappointed yet. Although I am in one aspect; the team selection.

Last season Harvey Hosein (pictured above), a then-teenager given a chance towards the end of season, put in a string of performance both as wicketkeeper and batsman that left people purring. A string of half centuries and a maiden first-class century as well as excellent wicketkeeping meant he was seen very much as an essential part of our team for this year.

Except, it seems, he isn’t.

Two games in and winter signing, Gary Wilson (himself a good player and great signing), has donned the gloves. However, Wilson represents Ireland solely as a batter and, looking at the Derbyshire line-up, there would be scope for Wilson to play that role for the Falcons whilst Harvey kept. For a club that prides itself on producing and promoting youth, I find his omission baffling. One of the best prospects we’ve had in years – alongside paceman Will Davis (who incidentally has played both games) – isn’t playing. What message does that send out to the other youngsters? Come to think of that, what message does that send to Harvey?

I’m not sure.

I know what I said, but…

I like planning layouts. I like seeing pictures that inspire me and then doodling a plan of a scheme along similar lines. 

Therefore, having done nothing model related since my last post I’ve decided that I’ll keep on drawing and doodling layout plans. Perhaps one day one will stick with me enough to actually want to build it!!