(Old) new ideas

Despite the allowance of a lot of space for modelling I’ve found that I’m not fussed on using it all. Today I had a tidy up of the modelling box and left myself with just the following three items of stock out. 

I’d like another Oxford 7 plank wagon and a brake van, the acquisition of both – coupled with the arrival of my previously ordered Peckett – should see me through in terms of stock. 

Normally, once I’ve had an idea, I migrate back to looking at Juniper Hill. Therefore I’ve decided to head down that route, but turning the kick back into a run round loop rather like the left hand side of the second design above. The layout will be based around the end of a set of exchange sidings for a limestone line. 

I’ve recently ordered and received a Wills Goods Store. This will see service as the view block as the lines leave the layout. 

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