Happy endings and new beginnings

Long ago – and I mean a long time ago – I blogged about buying a jigsaw. With moving house and everything I had dismantled my progress and boxed it up. Last week I dug it out, re-made what I’d started and this morning, finished it off. I love how it’s Arley Station on the SVR but I’m sad it’s finished; I’ve found the whole jigsaw thing very theraputic. 

So that’s the endings, what about the beginnings? Well, when I blog (or do any work in the office, actually) I am usually propped up on my knees in front of the desk. Being not as young as I once was this is no good for my knees. 

Therefore I’ve dug an old chair out of the garage, and plan to sand it down and up-cycle. Sanding down has already begun and I’ve also bought a pastel shade of duck egg to paint it with. A low-cost project but one both myself and my knees are looking forward to!


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