Yesterday I made a trip to well-known Swedish flat-pack furniture emporium. One of my (many) missions this Easter holidays is to tidy up our office space (ok, it’s a spare room!) so with that in mind I purchased one of the excellent Kallax storage units – other makes are available.

Whilst SWMBO was at work I put it up; a super kit that goes together well and takes little time. At this point all was well with the world.

Then Amy arrived home. She headed through to check out my handiwork and then, to my surprise, uttered the following; ‘Lots of space for your trains there!’

Having picked myself up from the floor I looked at the domestic authority and asked if she was ok with that space (147cm long by 48 wide) being used for such a thing. ‘Yes,’ came the, admittedly slightly weary, reply.

Therefore today I headed up to the loft and dug out my B17 ‘Everton.’ It’s just placed on the top for now. Plenty of space to work with!

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