Today I think I had an idea. When searching the net I stumbled across the Middy – the Mid Suffolk Light Railway. 

Ignore the car park and look at the railway. Could the bit you see on the picture be turned into a micro layout? A little like this?

Trains enter from the right, the exit to fiddle hidden by a low-ish relief shed. Locos exit the shed for coaling and taking on water. 

All in all there is plenty of activity from a couple of tracks. 

But is it too much? Is it a quart in a pint pot? I love the idea of a loco squeezing between the shed and the station but is it too squashed? If I want a station with a bit of shunting thrown in should I make a bigger layout? 

The layout shown above could enter the MRL competition but a bigger, more long term project that makes the most of the small funds I can put towards model trains, rather than using them up on a short-lived micro-micro. 

One to think on I think. 

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