Brick Laying

Right, back to model railways.

As SWMBO is out tonight (watching Beauty and the Beast) I’ve stuck the football on and dug out the Ancorton Models cottage kit I’d started last year. I’d glued it together, covered it in air dry clay and then left it. Having found it, it looked like this;

So, following the Chris Nevard school of building, I found an old nail and got scribbing. Plenty of scratching and dust later and I’ve ended up with… drum roll please!

Really happy with it so far. I love the big stone cottages that are littered all over Shropshire so I want to replicate one of those. The idea is that this will be a rehearsal room for the local industry (limestone quarry) brass band, tucked away alongside a couple of sleepy railway sidings. 

As you’ll see, I’ve not fully decided on a plan, my back story for the layout is in place; an industrial ‘end of the line’ with a couple of sidings, a couple of huts and a generally sleepy atmosphere. 

Work is manic at the minute, I’m doing a PE specialism course that is taking up lots of spare time, we’re planning a wedding and my fabulous band, the Lions Beginners, have two contests over the next two weekends. It’s very busy and modelling time is at a premium so to get a bit of time to model tonight was most welcome. 


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