What if…

A few years ago, when I was in a wind band, we recorded a few CDs. I was in to the whole graphic design thing and was asked if I’d design a cover. I enjoyed it and was very proud when the band used my design on the first CD, and then asked for another for the next CD. I was also pretty pleased when my design concept was used for the latest Lions CD. However, I’ve done very little CD cover design recently.

It was time to put that right.

Imagine, if you will, a fictional brass brass band based in the town I now call home. Nova Brass Band are, ahem, one of the finest bands around and I just so happen to be their conductor. What? It is my fantasy after all! So, here’s the cover of their latest CD; Impressions.

CD Cover Idea copy

It features a stunning picture from the top of the nearby Lilleshall Hill. The track listing features many items that could be described as very ‘British’ with the odd item that hails from other cultures – but still paint vivid pictures of their background.

Track Listing:
Torch of Freedom (Eric Ball)
In Love For Me (arr. Harper)
Showcase (Christopher Bond) Cornet Solo
Variations for Brass Band (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
A Hebridean Lullaby (Philip Harper) Baritone Solo
Libertango (Piazolla arr. Sleith)
One Day (Paul Lovatt-Cooper) Flugel Horn Solo
Three Impressions for Brass – Royal Border Bridge, Berwick (Arthur Butterworth)
Flying Mallets (arr. Graham) Xylophone Solo
Men of Harlech (arr. Langford)
Bells Across The Meadow (Ketelby arr. Graham)
Toccata (Widor)
Calon Lan (arr. Jenkins)

Note: This band and CD are entirely fictional! Purely a bit of fun!

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