Letting the grass grow beneath my feet…

The grass has been growing at my new micro layout. I’ve dug out the puffer bottle and given it an initial coating. So far, so good. Next the plan is to add a few longer strands around buffer stops etc and then I’ll see where I’m at. I want run down and uncared for so I’m going to need more for sure. 

I also want to break the green up at the front but, as yet, am unsure how I’ll do this. 

The picture above also shows my latest idea. Behind the back track I’m going to make a cobbled area for deliveries etc with a small loading platform. There will then be a brick wall running across the back scene, complete with gate to let traffic in out. On the far right I’m going to build my band room – making it low relief and connected to the industry this small yard serves. A colliery – presumed off scene – perhaps?

My last issue is front right. I need to disguise the exit to fiddle yard and, as yet, am undecided how to do so. Any thoughts or suggestions are very welcome!

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