Yes, honestly! There’s been some progress on my ‘thinking inside the box’ idea. The track has been ballasted with some sand that I acquired recently; I felt that ballast was a bit too ‘main line’ for what is going to be a couple of sidings on a light railway. This will get a waft of the brown acrylic spray I’ve been using to weather the track and then I’ll paint the rail sides.

I’ve also – very roughly – mapped out a small goods store. Using the Wills kit dimensions (which I intended to use until deciding I wanted to scratch build everything) I discovers it’s slightly too big, so I’ll knock 5mm off the depth and that should all be good. 

Finally, you might have noticed that Clara now has name plates. Narrow Planet have once again done a great job and I’ve wasted no time fixing them to the grubby little Sentinel. That – and the Peckett I have in order – will be more than sufficient motive power for this little layout. 

Tomorrow, if coursework allows, will hopefully see me have a bit of time to work on the goods yard and a scenic break. Fingers crossed. 


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