An influx of mojo

This week the modelling mojo seems to have awoken… for now.

I’ve made a start on the Toad. It’s nothing too major at the moment; a flash of primer, a lick of Humbrol 67 Tank Grey on the underframe. Next job is to stick that together. For a kit as old as it is, I’ve been reasonably pleased so far – not too much flash for starters! Progress is currently as below.


But there’s more…

I found an old Really Useful Box when visiting my parents recently, one lying in a cupboard that I’d forgotten about. It’s 9 litres, just big enough for an a4 sheet of paper. Well, recently I’ve discovered the ‘Gnatterbox’ forum (Gn15 scale) and have stumbled across a few excellent threads (Simplicity Sidings, Orchard End, Badger’s Bottom and Ambassador Works) which all have a similar, very basic track plan.


One sheet of foam board, a bit of glue, two lengths of track and a few items of stock (posed to gauge size) and I have this…


I’ve got a few ideas for what to base it on; either the end of a set of exchange sidings for the Lilleshall company, with a suitably leafy backdrop, Wills Goods Shed and a view block (that I’m yet to decide on) or a wagon works, with a few grounded van bodies used as stores for the workers.

It’s a start at least!

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