Recently I’ve discovered that my interest in the railways has gone away from the modern image scene – which I worked on – and has become far more steam based. I’ve been to several heritage lines and I finally totally get what people say; there’s something about a steam train.

I bought the Austerity loco not so long ago, as well as the Cory wagon, and a Lilleshall wagon too. The idea is to build a small industrial railway. However, I just don’t know what to do… again. I’ve got the scenic board but can’t find a design I’m happy with on that and, although I want operational scope, I am concerned about committing to a bigger baseboard as I’d change my mind and waste the board.

In short, modellers block – which I’ve had since I built Ticknall back in 2013 – has a firm grip on me that shows no signs of letting go. In the intervening time I’ve built up several Dapol wagon kits – which I enjoy immensely – and having found these good fun am now going to build a slightly better standard kit (a Toad brake van appeals) to keep the mojo going.

The MRL forum (on which I’m an admin) has a 2017 ‘Layout in a Box’ competition going on and I did buy a small box from Ikea for it, but again, my mind has changed lots and currently it acts as a stock box!

As you can probably see, ideas aren’t the issue. I’d love to do a model of the Telford Steam Railway. This has oodles of possibilities – it can run passenger services and offer lots of shunting. However, do I have the space to do it justice? Probably not. Do I have the confidence to not change my mind? Probably not.

It’s driving me bonkers if I’m honest.

Ah well, perhaps I should probably build a ’round-roundy’ as my layout planning ideas go round in circles!

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