Things to do in 2017

I’m not massive on New Years Resolutions, however I thought this year I’d have a few aims. So, here they are:

1) Build a model railway layout and get out of this modellers block! However, a future blog post might shed some light on the inspiration I’ve gained recently.

2) Finally get my music publishing service up and running. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while and am looking in to the hosting side of things currently.

3) Get back into a bit of brass playing. It’s probably been too long since I last played seriously. Perhaps a brass quartet or something?

4) Complete the Everton jigsaw I bought 18 months ago. I’ve not been able to face it yet as the thought of putting all that grass together has been putting me off.

Perhaps there is nothing too ground breaking there, however I’d like to get cracking with them all.

Oh! I almost forget…

5) Get married. 😉 11th August can’t come soon enough!

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