January Playlist


It’s taken a while, but here is January’s playlist. It’s a bit of a big hitter in terms of the substance of the music but it’s an enjoyable – and listenable – selection.

Toccata Charles Widor
Black Dyke Band conducted by Nicolas Childs

Tallis Variations Philip Sparke
Cory Band conducted by Philip Harper

A Hebridean Lullaby Philip Harper
Leyland Band
Baritone soloist Katrina Marzella

Finale from Daphnis and Chloe 2nd Suite Maurice Ravel arr. Howard Snell
Eikanger-Bjorsvik Band conducted by Howard Snell

Some quite serious music, but what music!



Due to there being no water where I work today has been an unexpected day off! So I’ve got cracking with the baseboard for my new micro.

It’s a mix of laser-cut wood topped with foam board, cut away in one part to make it more uneven. A bit of paper-mache too and it’s currently drying. If I’m honest, I’m not sure how well the sloped foreground will turn out but, if required, I’ll revisit it. Below is a photographic record of how it took shape.

Moving to WordPress


Here it is, my first post on WordPress. I took the decision to move over from Blogger as I’m now an admin on another website that is hosted by WordPress. Therefore it seemed to make sense to have everything under one roof, as it were. Although I’ve moved hosts, you can expect more of the same content as before; sports, railways, music, life. Stay tuned.

Railways of Telford

At Christmas I received the quite excellent book ‘Railways of Telford’ from my future in-laws. It was a book I’d looked at several times and, having moved Telford way, is an area of the railways I’ve become very interested in, meaning it was a very much well-received present. Included within it’s pages is a chapter on the Lilleshall Company. This is of huge interest to me, as it is very much the area that I’m looking at basing my layout on.

The back cover of the book states that the author, David Clarke, is building a model of Trench Sidings and then, by chance, I discovered a thread on the Lilleshall Company and Mr Clarke’s own blog to do with his layout build on RMweb.

After some initial conversations we swapped email addresses and since then Mr Clarke has – very kindly – sent me lots of pictures of the Lilleshall system and it’s locos alongside more information about it.

One picture – included below – has solved a problem I was facing. Having weather the Cory Brothers wagon, I was wondering how on earth I could include a South Wales wagon on a Shropshire-based layout. Well, look at the wagon poking out from behind Lilleshall No. 4 (on the left).

Inspiration truly is everywhere!

Things to do in 2017

I’m not massive on New Years Resolutions, however I thought this year I’d have a few aims. So, here they are:

1) Build a model railway layout and get out of this modellers block! However, a future blog post might shed some light on the inspiration I’ve gained recently.

2) Finally get my music publishing service up and running. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while and am looking in to the hosting side of things currently.

3) Get back into a bit of brass playing. It’s probably been too long since I last played seriously. Perhaps a brass quartet or something?

4) Complete the Everton jigsaw I bought 18 months ago. I’ve not been able to face it yet as the thought of putting all that grass together has been putting me off.

Perhaps there is nothing too ground breaking there, however I’d like to get cracking with them all.

Oh! I almost forget…

5) Get married. 😉 11th August can’t come soon enough!

A Simple Project?

Today I took delivery of this little beauty. A Hornby J94 Austerity that I picked up via Rails of Sheffield’s eBay store. A low price that I made an even lower offer on and, quick as a flash, I’ve got another item of traction for my new layout to go alongside the Sentinel.
The loco was listed as repainted and the number 68012 and BR symbol you can see were added on via sticky labels. A splash of water and a gentle rubbing and I now have the following:
I’ve got a set of name and number plates for it already – Alexandra, 1877 – from a previous Sentinel project. All that needs doing on top of this is a repaint into blue, some weathering and the addition of a crew. Reasonably simple and hopefully a quick little project.