Train Planner

(C) Mark Branson
Back in the day, before working in education, I worked on the railway. I was a train planner for a large freight company, in their bulk freight division. Now, I almost feel like I’m back there, train planning. Except, in fairness, it’s not trains I’m planning, it’s layouts.

Since Chetwynd Aston bit the dust I’ve been debating what I want to do and have held off doing any layout building until I decided just what. However, the forum I’m an admin on is running a layout building competition in 2017. Yet, as the brief hasn’t been announced (as admin though, I was in on the discussions), I can’t really go too far into details.

Suffice to say, I’m beginning to lean towards something along the lines of Juniper Hill (photo above) again. It’s a fantastic layout with a genuine sparse-feel to it, detailed yet not over-crowded, and with a really excellent atmosphere to it. The cogs are whirring, that’s for sure.

And I need somewhere to run my new Sentinel (and weathered Cory wagon) too…!


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