A blank canvas. Again…

I enjoy modelling.

I really do.

But once again I have a lack of motivation. Or rather, a lack of motivation brought on by a lack of focus of what I want. Do I want a shunting layout? Do I want an SLT (single line terminus)? I get part way through a project and decide that I don’t want what I’m making and give up. Chetwynd Aston has gone to that great layout in the sky and once again I’m layout-less. And clueless.

When I was back at my folk’s home recently I discovered a Tim Horn scenic board (40 x 25cm) that I’d forgotten I owned. This was snapped up and brought back home with me and is currently sat to my left, with my Sentinel on it. A bit like this…

If only I knew what to put on it. I have an idea regarding a tile factory; Jackfield, near where I now live (and near Ironbridge) has a tile museum and I feel that might be a decent idea. A simple fork layout with tile loading facilities perhaps?
However, an Arriva SLT set in the same area (around Ironbridge) also appeals. Not that I have the 153!
All ideas and thoughts welcome.
In other news, I’ve finally got around to fitting the plated to my ‘de-Wabteced’ Sentinel. It’s now got the number 1877 (which the cruel close up shows to be wonky… needs re-fettling) and the name ‘Alexandra.’
A little loco like that would do just the job for a tile works… wouldn’t it?

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