Beware of Trains

Beware of trains!

Especially model ones, as deciding what to do with them is bad for your health.

On Friday night I had a running session with my micro layout, in it’s current unfinished form. It performed terribly. I used several locos and they all ran poorly. So I cleaned the track and tried again, several times. It ran no better.

I left it and tried again on Saturday and once again it performed poorly. After this I had a good look around and came to the conclusion that my track laying was not good enough. So I’ve decided to stop work on it for now and practise on some dioramas to improve some of my skills.

I’ve got a static grass puffer bottle that I want to get better results from as well so thought that a tiny diorama – and tiny is the word – is a perfect way of doing this.

So I’m planning something just 6×4 inches. It’ll act as a good photo board for any stock I model (particularly as I have found a lot of enjoyment from making kits over the past year) and will also enable me to have something to look at to inspire me. Plus, as I’m planning a wedding it will be cheap and will help me practise scratch building.

So, although it’s sad to see the end of Chetwynd in it’s current guise, I still feel full of modelling mojo and am looking ahead with gusto!

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