Chetwynd Aston MkII

I mentioned in my last post that Chetwynd Aston was now Chetwynd Aston MkII. I hadn’t liked the cluttered feel to the yard so took one Y point out and just had two sidings. I have also ripped the scenery up too and now – having added ballast – I have the following:

I’m far happier with it. Although operation is a little more limited, I’m happy with what I’ve got. I’ve decided to properly plan the layout too, so I got the paper and pencil out and sketched away. 
The idea is that – as in MkI – I’ll block the entrance to the fiddle yard by a building, although rather than a pub I’m looking at an old cottage. I want a small barrow crossing on the front siding, allowing access to the small yard office in the middle. I also want another small hut at the back of the layout too. Add in some fencing and greenery and there you go.
Finally I’ve done some weathering on the grey 16t mineral wagon. I love doing things like this that add a bit of individual character to a model. In this case, the ‘CAFC’ graffiti that has been drawn into the gunk (bottom left) is the little touch I love the most!

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