Chetwynd Aston: Micro Layout

Today saw quite a bit of progress on my new micro-layout, Chetwynd Aston. Having previously come up with the track plan and back story, I took advantage of it being the last day of my summer holidays and set to it.

The main focus of today was landscaping. On the far side I built it up using off cuts of foam board cut to shape, whilst on the near side I used papier mache (the Hattons catalogue comes in handy again!). It’s a messy business but was more suitable for the viewing side due to what was required. I then cut a channel under the Moody Mallard – which now has it’s roof finished! – for the wiring. The wiring is attached to the track and is nice and simple, just one feed. Even better was the fact that, when tested, it worked!

I then treated myself to a little ‘play’ session of photography. I can’t actually run the full layout yet as I am missing a Y point, which I will pick up tomorrow. However, I placed a few bits and pieces – including a suspicious character, his pretty assistant and an odd blue box – to get a feel for how things might look.
You might notice that both photos include a Sentinel shunter. This arrived this morning and I wasted no time getting it on the layout. I’ve had emails saying my other 3 wagons are out for delivery too, so soon I’ll have all stock too.
It’s been an enjoyable day!

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