Last Orders Please…!

Today I started work on a pub for my new micro-shunting layout, Chetwynd Aston. Using some spare mount board and a Scalescenes ‘Stucco’ download I shut myself away in the office and got on with making a tiny watering hole named ‘The Moody Mallard.’ Here’s a little step-by-step guide as to the process so far…

1) Cut the bases for the sides out of the mount board. I made a chimney breast out of foam core as this gave me the required thickness for that part of the building.

2) Cover the sides with the Scalescenes stucco sheet, leaving it to dry whilst weighted down. Once dry trim to fit, leaving enough overhang to wrap the paper around the sides and around door and window frames.
3) Glue the sides together, using corner triangles to make the edges meet. Whilst this was drying I made the pub sign and glued it on. 
4) I made the window frames from sticky label, cutting it out before fixing it to see through packaging and sticking to the inside of the shell.
5) test fit on the layout. The Moody Mallard is designed to act as a ‘view-block’ so that the viewer can not see that the line has no buffer stops yet does not go anywhere. The test fit seems to show this works. At this point I made a small ‘lean to’ entrance. 
6) I tackled the roof next. Using a Chris Nevard idea I made loads and loads of 5mm squares by chopping up some junk mail (in this case, a Hattons catalogue appropriately enough!). Then gluing the roof base I, one by one, placed the tiles using the point of a craft knife to pick up and position. Twenty minutes saw me do the lean-to before I’d had enough for one day! I left it to dry before painting the tiles with grey acrylic primer. I’ll do further colour work with various washes and darker shades.
That’s where I’m up to right now. There is still lots to do including printing an interior to give some detail to the inside. However, I’m pretty pleased with it so far.
Hopefully when it’s finished you’ll be able to almost smell the tankard of ‘Fursty Ferret’ that the octogenarian sat at the corner of the bar is supping…

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