Who’d be a Football Manager?

Back in February Amy, my other half, bought me Football Manager 2016 as part of my birthday present. She knew that ‘back in the day’ I’d been a bit of a FM ‘junkie,’ guiding my beloved Crewe Alexandra to the promised land of… the Conference or, in the case of one noteworthy save, guiding Sunderland (no idea why I picked them?) to Premier League glory with a team packed full of Senegalese talent!

The last version of the game I really got into was FM 2012. Since I played that I’d only ‘toyed’ with other updates before giving up with FM 2014. For the spare time I had it was too in-depth. I bought an X-Box One and focused more on FIFA. Until I opened FM 2016, a purchase I think Amy will soon regret…!

Having installed it I must confess I had a quick go with the Alex (always my team of choice) before thinking it was, like 2014, too complicated. Two days ago I decided to give it another go and discovered the ‘Touch’ version. Streamlined and quick. Just what I need. So I decided to start a new game with AFC Telford United – my new local team – and have absolutely fallen in love with it. There can’t be many people in the world who hang on every touch of the ball Ryan Rowe makes, will Lucas Dawson to boss the midfield or gasp in awe as James ‘Monty’ Montgomery flings himself to his right to make a wonder save, but I’m one of them.

I’ll try and post the odd update on here as and when possible, or rather when there is something to post about such as promotion out of the Vanarama Conference North!

Best go, need to iron out the details on trialist Greig Stewart’s contract…

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