Beating "Modeller’s Block"

Although I’ve been working on – and thoroughly enjoying – the Lima 47 to keep the modelling going, it’s been several years since I last had a layout that I could run something on. In the intervening period I’ve started to build a few but they’ve all been abandoned and forgotten.
Recently, you’ll remember that I recently blogged about a visit to the Telford Steam Railway. Well, when looking through a few pictures of it again recently, a combination of a few pictures led me to come up with a little idea. The two pictures in particular are below.

Why so inspirational? Well, with only a little space available for a model, a single line terminus (which was my last completed model too) seems to be the right idea. Horsehay and Dawley (above right) is an example of this, as to is Lawley Village at the other end of the line… although I didn’t take any pictures of that for some reason. Indeed, Lawley Village – or rather it’s Pagoda shelter – is the basis for the station. The picture above left is of the Telford Steam Railway’s shop. I loved this, so thought that I’d add that to the model as something a little different. Yes, it will take up some space, but the other idea is that the line is preserved but is only very small and operates brake van rides, nothing more.

So, with all that in mind, I ended up with the following…

I’ve ordered a few Dapol (formerly Airfix) kits for a brake van and a meat van to act as the passenger service and the shop. I’ve enjoyed working on the Lima 47 so much I decided I’d rather kit build my stock, rather than just buy ready to roll off the shelf. I knocked a quick foam core base board up the other day. It’s tiny (even by my standards) but will suffice. The trusty Wills Pagoda shelter is perfect for the station whilst, finally, my revamped 08, Clara, will do just the job for the motive power.
So far today I’ve primed the parts to the meat van, and painted the components of the under frame black too. They are just drying now.
Beating modeller’s block? Maybe not, but it’s a start!

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