Quality Approved

I really can’t apply that title to my modelling! However, I have managed to get a few hours on the class 47 this week. The last time I had worked on it I’d drilled some holes on the cab sides, ready for the grab rails, before painting some staples white to act as said grab rails. Yesterday I was able to spend a bit of time fitting them. Of course, I broke one, so fitted a ‘naked’ staple and then painted it in situ. The bonus of using acrylics was that, having made a slight white mark on the cab side I could quickly wash it off.

Next up was the water slide transfer numbers. I spoke to John Peck at Precision Decals and he very kindly – and very quickly – made up just what I was looking for. His decals are easy to use. Apply varnish – Johnsons Klear in this case – to the area you want to apply the decal to, leave to dry and then place the dampened decal on, sliding into place. At this stage I leave it to dry for a day before adding a second coat of varnish.

Finally, for now, the nameplates. Courtesy of Fox Transfers, I decided to add the ‘Quality Approved’ plate underneath, meaning that my 47 is in the later guise of this name. There are lots ways to apply nameplates but I tend to use the varnish approach again. Brush a layer of it on the back of the plate and then place in position. Again, leave to dry and seal again with another layer.

So that’s it so far. The hand rails are added to both sides, however the number and nameplates are just on the one. So that is on my ‘to-do list.’ This list also includes the following:

  • Fit front handrails (wire is on order)
  • Fit front detailing parts
  • Remove coupling bracket from number 1 end
  • Weather – and paint where required – underframe
  • Weather bodyshell (lightly)
  • Fashion, and detail, a better inside cab
Plenty to be getting on with. Why, then, is my mind flashing to thoughts of modelling a small Heritage Railway terminus?

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