Getting down and dirty

Finally, with the school holidays here, I’ve had a bit of time to do some more modelling. The ‘duff on a shoestring’ project is progressing nicely, today I’ve added a new coat of red paint to it, having finished the handrails and surrounding area.

Whilst I left that to dry I pondered what I could do. Sometime ago I ‘won’ (something I never get, it’s an auction so you pay for it!) a cheap Hornby MFA wagon on eBay.
It’s in ‘Mainline’ Blue and is really rather unrealistic – however, I do have a far better Bachmann model. The Hornby version is purely for modelling practice. I dug it out and decided to have a go at weathering it.
It was a reasonably quick job. I took a couple of acrylic paints (burnt umber and burnt sienna) and splashed them about liberally. Next I got some kitchen roll and, before the paint dried, gently pressed it on to the paint to soak some of it up. I repeated the process three times, building up the colour that was left each time. Finally, I dry brushed the underframe with a mix of the two paints mentioned above.
I was left with this. For a quick job, I’m quite impressed. I’ve only done this side for now as it’s highly unlikely I’d ever use this wagon on a layout (as I haven’t got one currently for starters!) so will use the other sides for trying other methods.
What do you think?

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