Recently, I’ve been struggling with motivation for several of my hobbies. Firstly, I enjoy writing music, but the urge to write just isn’t there. I’ve arranged a few bits and bobs, but as for creating my own music… forget it.

It’s the same with something else I’ve always enjoyed. As a kid – like many – I had a train set. As I grew up this got left behind until I started working on the railway. When I left as part of my leaving gift I decided to spend a part of the gift on a model of a class 66 locomotive as a memento of my job. This led to me rediscovering the hobby and since then I’ve built a few small models. However, the last model I built was ripped up in 2014 and I’ve built nothing since.

I don’t really know why. Space, or severe lack of it, is probably a big reason. I’ve downsized the stock I own and spent lots of time planning micro layouts however nothing has stuck with me and made me want to continue.

I’ve got a house move coming up in late July/early August and so can’t really get too stuck into anything in the meantime anyway, but Amy has granted me some house room for a model.

If only I knew what I’d build!

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