Oiling the Wheel…

…before jumping back on it again tomorrow.

It’s been an enjoyable six weeks holiday though, with the last two weeks, spent with Amy, being particularly special. We had a week in gloriously sunny Malta before spending the last week on a ‘stay-cation,’ with days out in the Cheshire countryside, Porthmadog, Attingham Park and Cheshire Oaks.

Like I said, Malta was unbelievably hot. The sun shone every single day, with the temperature never below 31! For a redhead like me, that’s quite something and resulted in me clinging to the shade whenever possible. Still, we had a great time… and even found a couple of Costa outlets, to help us with our ‘tea and cake’ addiction! A few pictures can be found below.


One very unexpected bonus of the week was a dollop of inspiration that struck on the Monday. Long time readers of this blog will know I’ve had a long held ambition to write a book. Well, I finally had an idea for it whilst on holiday!
Some of you may recall in an earlier post I mentioned that the Lions Youth Brass organisation was celebrating it’s 25th anniversary in 2015. We had a big ‘reunion’ event in July and it was memories of this that brought about this idea… a write up of the history of Lions Youth Brass. I spent the three hour flight back to the UK busily jotting down ideas whilst, encouraged by Amy, I’ve also made some time over the past few days putting together various appendices!
I’ve said it before, but it really is funny where inspiration can come from!

A Day at Downton

Ok, well really it was a day at Highclere Castle, the set of Downton Abbey. On Sunday, as a birthday present (yes, my birthday is in February) from Amy, we went to Highclere.

Wow, what a place it is. Although it was a long day involving plenty of car travel it was well worth it. Although, sadly, you can’t take pictures inside the castle, but here are a couple of pictures of the day.