In the Summer Time…

So, the Summer hols are finally here and it promises to be a good few weeks… if I ever get off this end-of-term-itus I’ve got!

However, that aside there is lots to look forward to; a trip to Downton Abbey on Sunday (with SWMBO and her family), a few days out at the cricket (weather permitting, I hope!), the start of the football season, a week in Malta and much, much more.

Avid readers of my blog (there must be one out there) will recall that the summer hols means this blog is a year old. I launched it with the idea of just ‘getting writing’ as I enjoy doing just that. I also mentioned that I wanted to write a piece of music per week. Well, this summer holiday has seen me arrange two items already; Skyfall and Let Me Entertain You, for the fabulous Beginner Band of the Lions Youth Brass organisation. There is also the aim of writing a few original items too as my self-publishing website is coming together and is nearly completion. I’m really pleased about this and hope to be able to launch it later this summer.

So, lots to do, and hopefully lots to write about.

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