Come and Play!

Today has been inspirational.

There are occasional perks to my job and today was one of them. I got to travel to the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, to listen to the Halle Orchestra perform in their annual ‘Come and Play with the Halle’ concert that includes many eager primary school pupils from Cheshire East who have partaken in the Love Music Trusts’ Wider Opportunities scheme.

I’ve been once before but today was (excuse the pun) blown away. The orchestra were truly magnificent, from the opening bars of the Star Wars Theme to the delicacy of Clair de Lune. It was breath-taking playing all the way through.

So why was it inspirational? Well, I’m certainly a ‘lapsed’ trombonist who has had no fixed abode (in terms of playing in a band) for about 5 years now. I’ve enjoyed the time off and, during that time, have never once felt the urge to get back playing with a group. However, as the orchestra filled the hall with menace during Battle of the Fates I actually started to feel a bit of the ‘why don’t I start up again?’ question nagging away at me.

There are a few issues here. Firstly, I’m five years out of practise. Secondly, I wouldn’t know whether to look at a brass band, wind band or orchestra (an orchestra being something I’d never considered until today!) and thirdly, would I have the time? However, this Sunday I am playing in a concert for the first time in five years as I’m part of the Reunion Band that is celebrating 25 years of Lions Youth Brass. With a day long rehearsal before the concert that should sort my lip out. I guess I’ll see how that goes and then perhaps take it from there.

But the closing words today belong to the Halle. Wow. If that didn’t inspire the hundreds of youngsters watching it certainly inspired me. I’ve already booked tickets for Amy and myself to go back in October to watch them play a concert of John Williams items!


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