All in the Mind.

A while back I commented on how much I was missing cricket, due to my ‘retirement’ due to a mental health issue. I mentioned that, at some point, I would blog about it.

I’ve given it a lot of thought and come to the conclusion that it can’t really just be one blog post. There’s so much to mention and talk about. I hate it on TV ‘talent’ shows where the judges say ‘You’ve been on a hell of a journey.’ They really haven’t… they’ve sung or danced, or got a hypnotic’ dog to perform two or three times in their quest for as much wealth they can muster from as little talent as possible. Hardly a journey.

However it really feels like the mental illness I’ve suffered from has been exactly that; a journey, as much as I hate the phrase. It started at the age of 11/12 when I found the primary school/high school transition. It flared up, every so often during my time in secondary education and further education. I then withdrew from my university course at the end of first year which, looking back now, is something I can attribute to it. Then whilst working I’ve had a couple of long term battles with it.

Happily, now I feel it is something I’ve on top of. It’s not ‘gone.’ It’s not ‘fixed.’ It is manageable and is something I can (and do) manage on a day to day basis.

So, as the blog progresses I will add posts looking back at various elements of my issues. The posts are not meant as a plea for help, or for garnering sympathy. They are there to encourage people that, if they suffer, to make sure they get help. The stigma that maybe was there ten or fifteen years ago isn’t there anymore.

People will listen.

People will help.

You will get better.


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