From Zero to…

Some of you (avid) readers may recall this blog post, a follow on from my blog about role models. I wrote that I’d been working with a professional footballer who had been into the school I work at, coaching the girls football team. We thought he’d just come along for one session but he volunteered to stay for the rest of the planned sessions and went down a storm with the girls who all felt pleased as punch that their coach was a pro.

Well, as an update to that post, the girls football team entered a tournament two weeks ago, held in a league format. 7 teams, 6 games each. The ‘A’ team (who in a pre-Christmas tournament drew one and lost the rest) put in a stellar show. Played 6. Won 4. Drew 2. Lost 0. Goals Against 0. Points 16. Position; first.

He’s obviously a good footballer, but he’s also obviously a nice bloke and a damned good coach too!

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