Fear of The Blank Page

The title of this post sounds like either a horrendous book, or a really terrible straight-to-DVD film release.

And to be honest, the content is probably as scary.

I launched this blog in a blaze of hype that I would be aiming to write one piece of (admittedly simple) music per week. Over the summer holidays last year I managed it. However, I haven’t managed to compose anything this year.

It’s not for the want of trying. It’s the Lions Youth Brass organisations 25th anniversary this year, with a big concert in June. It’s my aim to write a piece for the Beginners that commemorates this – Silver Fanfare, perhaps – but everything I’ve done has been firmly rejected on playback when I realise it sounds, well, pretty rubbish.

I open up Sibelius (my music writing software), open the ‘template’ file, stare at the screen for a bit, watch it stare back at me, then close it down. It’s not even as though I’ve got no inspiration for pieces; a railway journey, the silver fanfare idea, a village green, the top of a peak. The inspiration is endless. Yet the ideas are not forthcoming.

I wonder if Beethoven struggled like this?

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