A case for the defence.

In my ‘We Can Be Heroes’ post I spoke about heroes, or role models if you’d prefer. I also intimated that there are many people in the public eye – particularly in the sporting arena – where I would be less than impressed if any future child of mine asked for their name on the back of their shirt. I also specified that the football world was full of these characters.

Well, today I feel the need to set the record straight.

Today, through work, I have spent an hour of my time working with a professional footballer. He – I won’t name him but I know some people will know who he is – agreed to give up his time to come and work for a session with a girls football team that I help to run. He proceeded to jump in at the deep end, happily running the whole session, focusing on goalkeeping, and at the end of the practice every girl went home happy, vastly improved and caked in mud!

Furthermore, he then asked if he could come to the remaining sessions and said he’d even bring some session plans! Needless to say, both myself and my fellow coach were delighted and were extremely quick to take him up on the offer!

It’s such a shame that some footballers give the rest of them a bad name, as this gentleman was a credit to both his profession and his club. I’m already very excited for next Monday!


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