Just thought it appropriate to add a few pics of my trip earlier this week. If nothing else, it adds a bit of colour to the blog!


Half Term. So far…

Monday; Leamington Spa
Tuesday; Warwick Castle
Wednesday; Shakespeare land… Stratford-upon-Avon

This half term malarkey isn’t that bad is it?!


On Monday I will be going to Warwick for two nights with Amy. We’re planning a walk around Warwick and Leamington Spa on Monday, a day at Warwick Castle on Tuesday, before heading over to Charlcote Park on Wednesday.

It’s part of my birthday treat. I turned 31 on Monday the 9th and, if I’m honest, did very well. I got a few bits and bobs, but also tickets to go to do the Highclere Castle, exhibit and gardens in August, as well as tickets to ride on the Severn Valley Railway courtesy of Amy’s parents. Plus money towards a new laptop – as mine is now panting lamely towards the finish line.

I’ll try and get a few pictures and upload them on here. This blog is devoid of colour!

P.S. My next blog will, hopefully, come from my new laptop. It’s on order and should arrive tomorrow.

Couch Potato

If I’m really honest, I’m such an armchair sports fan it’s ridiculous. Keen on all sports, play none anymore.

So, imagine the look on my face when, several days ago, Amy suggests that we do the Attingham Park 6k run.

I haven’t said yes yet, but as its on the 14th March, I’ve downloaded a ‘Couch to 5k’ app and now I just need to get cracking.

Wish me luck…!