Rocket Science

I mentioned a while back that one of my pupils had sat their playing exam on Tenor Horn. They sat Grade 4, and I was delighted for them when they told me their results had come back and they had passed with a distinction and a score of 138/150.

I was delighted for her and told her so. However, I’m not surprised. At the conclusion of the Fodens gig I went to watch the other week, I was talking to a gentleman named Kevin who used to conduct a band at the same time I played there. He is now a renowned local brass teacher in the local schools so he knows his gravy. We were discussing many different players, particularly ones who shine through with that little bit of star quality. There was one young man in particular (taught by Kevin, and attends the Lions Beginners) who we were both impressed with. The quote given to me was ‘he goes home and practises, is always early for his lesson, listens well and works hard.’

So does this girl. That’s why I wasn’t surprised at her result. This is the same pupil who won her section in the Lions Slow Melody Concert and came both first and second in the duet section too. Kevin and myself both agreed that there is no rocket science involved in brass playing (good job really, have you ever met a bass player? 😉 ), but listening, practising and hard work are the key bits – this girl does all three.

It really is a potent combination.


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