All work and no play…

This week is what can only be described as ‘busy.’

Monday was an after-school football tournament (very pleased with how my team did) followed by a couple of music lessons.
Tonight was a rehearsal at Lions.
On Thursday I’m teaching.
Friday night is a night off – spending some quality time with the other half.
Saturday, I have a pupil sitting a grade 4 exam, followed by hot-footing it to the Alex to watch the match.
Sunday, I’m at the Lions Youth Brass annual Slow Melody Contest and concert – this is always a fun and enjoyable event.

I’ve left out Wednesday. Well, tomorrow is a bit of a highlight. I’ve got two pupils performing in the ‘Spotlight Concert’ before the latest concert in the Sandbach Concert Series. The main act is a 10 piece brass group from Fodens Band. It will make a change to be at a concert as a listener, rather than a performer and, I have to say, I’, really looking forward to it.

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